Born: 1957, Israel


1983 BA cum Laude Art dept University of Haifa, Israel; 1996 Teacher. Beit Berl Art Teachers College, Israel; 1997 participated in Ruach Kadim group, Jerusalem, Israel; 1994 Teaching in the Bezalel Academy of Fine Art and Design Ceramic Dept Jerusalem, Israel; 2000 Guest Artist in Canbara, Bendigo ,Australia ;2000 Artist workshop at the Ceramic Expo , Ichon Kore; 2001 Guest artist in Kyoto University, Shigaraki, Tama University Tokyo, Japan; 2004 Guest artist in Halee Academy, Germany

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2006 "Porcelain Line", Rehovot, Israel; 2006 "Raku line", Rehovot, Israel; 2005 "Raku", Beit cahaana, Ramat-Gan,  Israel; 2005 "Walking on Eggs" , Ashdod museum, Ashdod, Israel; 2004 "Design, Art, Design the 3 Biennale for Ceramic", Haaretz museum Tel -Aviv, Israel; 2002 WM collaboration project with office 414 of architecture; 2002 "The Israeli Biennale for Ceramics", Haaretz museum Tel Aviv, Israel; 2000 "Clay 2000", the Israeli Biennale for Ceramic, Israel; 2000 Ya’acov Ichud museum, Ashdod, Israel; 1999 "Look up in The Skies", Dafna Naor Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel; 1998 "50 Years of Ceramics in Israel", Ramat Gan, Israel; 1996 "Rak Raku", Kikar Gallery, Jaffa, Israel; 1995 "Ceramics from Israel", Alix de Rothschild Fund, Tokyo, Kyoto, Japan; 1992 "Ancient and Contemporary Ceramics", University of Haifa , Haifa, Israel; 1992 "Israeli Ceramics", Traveling group exhibition in Europe and the US; 1991"Cerasmics Triennale", Sopot, Poland; 1990 "Light 90", Jerusalem, Israel; 1990 "Creator and Medium", Cultural Center, Rehovot, Israel; 1988 "11th International Ceramics Biennale", Vallauris, France; 1984 Alef Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

Solo Exhibitions:
2005 "Gabeinu Labrshim", Open University Rahanana, Rahanana, Israel; 2003 Personal Assortments, Rehovot, Israel; 2001 "Reflections", Gross Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel; 2001 "Serving Dishes", Rehovot, Israel; 2000 "Time Capsules", Kumo Museum, Seoul Korea; 2000 " Two Different Scenes", Ceramic Art Gallery, Sidney, Australia; 1999 "Time Capsules", Silpakorn University of Decorative Arts, Bangkok, Thailand, Wang Fang Gallery, Beijing, China; 1998 "Time Capsules", Substation Gallery, Singapore and the NCCA Gallery, Manila, Philippines; 1997 "Pool of Arches", Mitzpe Hayamim Gallery, Israel; 1992 "Metaceramics", Herzelya Museum, Israel; 1988 "Raku 88", Ruach Kadim Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel; 1986 "Avodot" Milo Gallery, Rehovot, Israel


American-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship
Yael's work can be found in the Picasso Museum, Vallauris, France; Ceramic Street Signs; Mamilla Project, David's Village, Jerusalem, Israel; Ceramic Street Signs, Moon Valley Hotel, Eilat, Israel.

Yael received an AIDA fellowship to Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts.