Tania Engelstein
Born: Israel

1975 Department of Ceramic Design, Bezalel Art Academy,Jerusalem, Israel
Selected Group Exhibitions:
2006"Progressions", AIDA, SOFA-Chicago, Chicago, USA; 2002 The second Israeli Biennale of ceramics, Eretz Israel museum, Ramat Aviv, Israel

Solo Exhibitions:
2006 "Oriental Nostalgia - When Matter and Time Meet," Museum of Islamic Art, Jerusalem, Israel; 2006 "Israeli cotemporary applied arts," The Alix de Rothschild competition winners, Ben Uri Gallery, London, UK; 2005 "Traditional Palestinian Pottery in Hebron, Homage Exhibition," Museum of art, Ein Harod, Israel; 2005 "Yearning for the future," Okashi Museum, Akko, Israel; 2004-05 The third Biennale for Israeli ceramics, "Design, Art, Design," Eretz Israel Museum, Ramat Aviv, Israel; 2004 "Material Culture: Crafts of Israel," Craft Alliance Gallery, Saint Louis, USA; 2004 "Longings," Ceramic department, Burg Giebichenstein, Halle, Germany; 2003 "Alfahura," Umm El Fahem Gallery; 2003 "20x20x13," The Ceramics Gallery, Shoeva; 2003 "I am longing in your behalf," Jerusalem Artists House, Jerusalem, and the art workshop, Yavne; 1999 CCAD Columbus College of Arts & Design, Ohio, USA; 1997 "Structure & Tower" (sequel), The Jerusalem Theater, Israel; 1996 "Structure & Tower," Shloush Shloshim Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel;

1999 Fostering Creative Arts prize
Engelstein's clay work in porcelain and stoneware is produced by simple techniques, using repeated pressure of finger against finger. The forms are simple, rooted in the world of geometry yet their surface is intensely personal. Her works are inspired by parallel worlds; structures inspired by North African mud buildings reveal her Egyptian origins while vessels - the clay worker's canvas, contain both memory and longing for Islamic designs.