Shirley Rothstein
Born: 1976 Tel Aviv, Israel

2002 Stone setting technical course at Omanit College, Tel Aviv, Israel; 1998-2002 Graduated from the Department of Jewelry Design Accessories, and Objects at the Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem, Israel; 1996-1998 Studied at the Department of Jewelry Design at Meimad School of Art, Tel Aviv.

Selected Exhibitions:
2003 "Innovations & Influences", AIDA, SOFA-Chicago, Chicago, USA; 2001 Group exhibition at the Museum of Art and History, Geneva, Switzerland
The main object of Shirley's work is memories. Objects that surround us that contain family memories. An old or delicate cup or plate, passed around from generation to generation is a symbol, like a family photo. With time, this cup or plate chips and breaks and it is no longer the same functional object, only an idea. The Hebrew word for mending a broken object can also mean "heal." Each crack in the object tells another story about our experiences, and through it, we can tell a story about our families and ourselves.