Born: 1960, Israel

Education and Training:
1989 - 1992 – Jewelry Design and Goldsmith Work at “Omanit Academy of Jewelers”, Tel Aviv; 1994 - Wax Modeling class; 1996 - Wire Knitting class; 2007 - Granulation Class, delivered by Corvaja Giovanni; 2009 - Penland School of Crafts, North Carolina - Aida fellowship

Selected Exhibitions:
2011 “Msa”, Chicago, USA; 2010 “Sierrad”, Amsterdam; 2010 "Toronto outdoor art exhibition” Toronto Canada; 2009 “Shared Perspective”, Barn Gallery, USA; 2009 “Philadelphia Craft Show”, Philadelphia USA; 2007-2008 Private shows, Israel

Galleries and Museums:
“Eretz Israel Museum” gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel; “Tel - Aviv Museum of Art”, Tel Aviv Israel; Racine Art Museum Shop, USA; “Museum of Art and Design” N.Y.  USA; “The Jewish Museum,”N.Y, USA; “Morse Museum of American Art” Florida, USA; “De zilverfabriek” Leiden, Nederland