Ronit Zor
1993 Studied Drawing, Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviva, Israel; 1992-1996 Studied Clay Sculpture, Nora Kochavi, Shfaiim College, Israel; 1976-1979 BS.c, Applied Mathematics, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel; 1972-1975 BS.c., Mathematics Statistics and History of Art, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2004 "Sitting on The Fence", Shlushe-Shloshim Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel; 2004 "3rd Ceramic Biennale", Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel; 2003 Exhibition of the winners of Rothschild Foundation Prize; 2002 "Barricades", Outdoor Installation, Wadi Nisnas , Haifa, Israel; 2001 "Constructive Paradigms", The Artists House, Jerusalem, Israel; 2001 "Anything but a Vessel" , Tel Hai Museum of Photography, Israel; 2000 "An Intended Rendezvous - Contemporary Ceramics", Beit Uri and Rami Nehushtan Museum, Israel; 2000 "Clay 2000 The Israeli Biennale for Ceramics", Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel; 2000 "Art of the Vessel", Tel-Hai and Beit Aharon Cahana Museum, Ramat Gan, Israel; 1998 "Different Matter - Contemporary Ceramics Israel 1998", Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel; 1998 " Tolerance", Outdoor Installation, Osnabruck, Germany; 1998 "Ways in Clay - Five Decades of Ceramic Art in Israel", Beit Aharon Cahana Museum, Ramat-Gan, Israel; 1998-Present Member of "Shlush 30", Ceramic Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel; 1997 "Apertures and Light in Jerusalem", The Artists House, Jerusalem, Israel; 1996 "Thoughts 1996", Hakikar Gallery, Old Jaffa, Israel; 1996 "Table for 4", Tollmans, Herzeliya, Israel

Awards and Honors:
2005 Recipient of AIDA Scholarship to the Watershed Center for Ceramic Art; 2001 Received First Prize, Rothschild Foundation juried exhibition for ceramic sculpture, Israel. Jury comprised of Mo Jupp, Ashley Howard, Marco Krathovil and David Morris; 1996 Received First Prize at "Table for 4", an exhibition representing Israel organized by the WCC, Europe; 1993 Established his own studio, Ramat Hasharon, Israel