Born: 1982, Israel

2012 Kiln forming (casting) class with rudi Gritsch, corning museum of glass, New York; 2012 Pate de verre class with Kimiake and Shin-ichi Higuchi, Corning museum of glass, New York; 2006-2010 BFA, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem; 2008 California College of Art, San Francisco - student exchange program; 2005-2007 Wood carving studies at Hans Kantor’s studio, Tel Aviv; 2005-2006 Photography classes at ‘Camera Obscura’ school, Tel Aviv

Selected Exhibitions:
Fanashtasia | Group exhibition, 'Hcubia', Jerudalem, 2013; 'Kibbutz' | Group exhibition, Empty house, Jerudalem, 2012; Different Country, the Same Theme | Group exhibition; Pokorna Gallery | Prague, Czech Republic, 2012; Starling | Solo exhibition, Florentin 45, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2011; Passing on knowledge | Group exhibition, Tubbergen, Holland, 2011; Vulcan | Solo exhibition, ‘H’hanot’ gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2011; Fragile Reality 2 | Group exhibition, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2011; Omanot Batzameret | Group exhibition, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2011; Secret Art 5 | Group exhibition ‘Beit mani’ Tel Aviv, Israel, 2010; Untitled Time | Graduation exhibition Bezalel academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel 2010

Awards and Honors:
AIDA Scholarship for studying at the Corning museum of glass,New York, 2012; Rabinovich foundation for the arts, Tel Aviv, 2011; Polanski Award for Excellent final project, 2010; Shenidenger Aid scholarship for final projects, Bezalel, 2010; Award for Excellency, Bezalel, 2009; Award for Excellency, Bezalel, 2008
Collections: Mandel Foundation Collection; Eretz Israel Museum Collection