Born: 1985

Education and Training:
2005-2010 - Ceramic & Glass Design Department, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem/Israel (BFA); 2008 - Christopher McElroy – Flame-working advanced studio – Bezalel/Jerusalem; 2008 – Mitchell Gaudet & Erica Larkin – “Hot casting & Metal working”, Glass Furnace / Istanbul; 2009 – Rob Stern & Peter Novotny – “Glass blowing/Hot Glass Sculpting”,Glass Furnace/Istanbul; 2009 – Steve Klein - Fusing – Bezalel/ Jerusalem; 2011-  William Gudenrath – Venetian Glass Blowing Techniques/ CMOG, Hellen Millard – Cameo-Engraving/ CMOG, Donald Friedlich & Pavel Novak – Cold-working/Jewelry design/ CMOG; 2011 – Walter Lieberman – Glass Painting/Hot shop/ Haystack Mountain School of  Crafts; 2012 – William Gudenrath  - Advanced Venetian Glass Techniques/ CMOG, Gianni Toso & Matthew Urban/Reinterpreting Italian Techniques/CMOG

Selected Exhibitions:
2012 – Secret Art 5 by Bank Leumi, Tel – Aviv; 2010 – Bezalel Academy End of Year Exhibit, Jerusalem

Awards and Honors:
2013 Scholarship for William Gudenrath's Refining and Solydifyning Your Techniques, CMOG, Corning, NY; 2013 AIDA award for 2013 Poleturners, Pilchuck Glass School, Seattle, WA; 2013 New Glass Review 34; 2012 Scholarship for Gianni Toso & Matthew Urban's Reinterpreting Italian Techniques CMOG, Corning, NY; 2012 Scholarship for Nadège Desgenétez's Inspired by History, CMOG, Corning, NY; 2011 Work Study Award for the Walter Lieberman Glass Painting/Hot Shop at The Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deer Isle, Maine; 2011 Scholarship for William Gudenrath's Venetian Glass Blowing Techniques, CMOG, Corning, NY
Olga was a Glassblowing Instructor for Road Scholars Program at The Studio of Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY, USA, and a teaching assistant for the Teen Glassblowing Class. Professional skills include Glass Design, Mold Making, Glass Blowing, Fusing, Slumping, Hot & Cold Custing, Cold Working, Patte De Verre, Flameworking (blowing pirex tubes), Sandblasting, Cameo-Engraving