BFA, Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem, Israel. Majored in Glass; 2009 Glass sculptures class by Pino Signoretti in Haystack, USA; 2008 Glass blowing & sculptures course in Pilchuck, Seattle, USA, AIDA

2006 Glass Blowing Team at the CGCA Fellowship program, the creative Glass Center of America, Wheaton Village, NJ, USA; 2001 Glass blowing course at Peter Navotni “Glass Blowing Spring School

Selected Exhibitions:
2012 Selected artworks – Litvak Gallery shop; 2011  Group exhibition- Liberety museum, Philadelphia, USA; 2011 Group exhibition – Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv; 2010 "The Big Brother" -Azriely Center Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel; 2008 “Studio Glass” - Miriam Yaniv Gallery, Tel-Aviv; 2007 “Fracture Reality” – Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv; 2007 “Post Craft” - Miriam Yaniv Gallery, Tel-Aviv; 2007 Group exhibition –“Swimmers” & “Memory from the past”,  Miriam Yaniv Gallery, Tel-Aviv; 2006 Goblets -Miriam Yaniv Gallery, Tel-Aviv; 2003 “Fantasy”- Hamburg art museum; 2003 “Japan” Bezalel Academy of Art, Graduate’s exhibition; 2002 “Fantasy”- Berg art museum, Flansburg

Scholarships and Awards:
2009 Haystack Glass academy – summer class scholarships; 2008 Scholarship for  Tacoma Glass Museum from AIDA – 3 months; 2003 Excellency scholarship from Bezaled Academy of art, for young students; 2001 Scholarships for studying at Glass Blowing Spring School by Peter Navotny, Novy Bor, Czech Republic
Founder and Owner of Glass Blowing “g studio” Tel-Aviv, Israel