Keren Paz- Agai
Born: 1981, Israel

2009 BA from The Tel Hai Art Academy, Tel Hai, Israel.

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2009 "AIDA’s Gems- Israel’s Jewelers", AIDA, SOFA CHICAGO; 2009 Tel Hai Art Academy Senior Exhibition, Tel Hai, Israel; 2009 "Beyachad", Tel- Aviv, Israel.
Participant in AIDA's Special Exhibit at SOFA Chicago 2009

Keren’s inspiration comes from the cattle fences surrounding Israel’s Golan Heights region. She finds these fences contradictory as they both protect the natural landscape, but also clash with it’s beauty. Her work has caused her to question and seek out solutions for her own figurative fences as well as her country’s political fences. Keren is a recent graduate of the Tel Hai Art Institute in Israel.