Born: Israel

1971-75 Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem, Israel

Group Exhibits:
2009 " Wheel . Period" Andy Prize winner exhibition, Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel; 2005 Exhibited with AIDA, at COLLECT, Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK; 2004-2005 "Design, Art, Design: The Third Biennale for Israeli Ceramics", Eretz Israel Museum , Israel ; 2004 "Contemporary & Conceptual", AIDA, SOFA-Chicago, Chicago, USA; 2004 Solo Exhibition "Porcelain", The Gallery, Shoeva, Israel; 2003 "20 x 20 x 13", The Gallery, Shoeva, Israel; 2001 "Vase Movement", Holon, Israel; 2001 Solo Exhibition “Porcelain”, Small Pot Periscope, Contemporary Design Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel; 2000-02 “Clay 2000”, First and Second Israeli Ceramic Biennale, Eretz Museum, Israel; 1998 “The Israeli Pottery Symposium”, Tel Hai, Israel; 1997-2000 David Yallin College, Jerusalem, Israel; 1992 “Contemporary Ceramics”, Haifa University, Israel ; 1989 “Ceramics from Israel ”, Kassel, Germany; 1988 “Bottles”, Mapu Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel; 1985 “Pottery”, Municipal Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel

Awards and Honors:
2009 Andy prize for decorative arts; 2006 Recipient of AIDA Scholarship to the Watershed Center for Ceramic Art'
Irit is the winner of 2009 Andy Prize.