Born: 1961, Mexico

Education and Training:
2001-02 Design for the Performing Arts, Shenkar Institute, Ramat-Gan; 1991 Gemology, The Gemological Institute, Ramat-Gan, Israel; 1989 Jewelry Design, The Gemological Institute of America, California, USA; 1986-87 Metalsmith studies, Omanit Jewelry and Design School, Tel-Aviv, Israel; 1982-85 B.Sc. in Sciences, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel; 2008 Felt Workshop by Philis Hofman; 2008 Paper Workshop by Annmarie Frasculi; 1995 Paper Workshop by Carol Farrow, "Tut Niar", Zihron Yaacob; 1991 Jewelry - Antique Techniques, Kulick Institute, New-York, USA; 1989 Casting and Wax Carving, The Gemological Institute of America, California, USA

Selected Exhibitions:

2013 Fresh Design, Tel Aviv, Israel; 2013 Ceramics Biennale, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel; 2013 Paper Bienalle, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel; 2013 LOOT 2013, MAD, USA; BIJOUX, Norton Museum of Art, Florida,USA - supported by AIDA; 2012 "Mended 240", Solo Exhibition, Periscope Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel; 2012 Premio Fondazione Cominelli per il Gioiello Contemporaneo; 2012 "Towering Above", Benyamini Contemporary Ceramic Center, Tel Aviv, Israel; 2012 Paper exhibition, Negev Museum, Israel; 2011 "Between blue and white", Mediatech, Holon, Israel; 2011 "Designed in Israel 4", The Design Museum, Holon, Israel; 2011 "In Between International Paper Art exhibition ", The Wilfrid Israel Museum, Israel; 2011 "Mediterraneo", International exposition of Contemporary Jewelry, Livorno, Italy; 2011 "Rikmat Haim", art center, Yavne, Israel; 2010 "Sequences; Identities" Israeli jewelry 5, Eretz  Israel Museum; 2010 "Designed in Israel  3", The port of Tel Aviv; 2009 "Jewelry", ITAMI International Craft Exhibition, Itami, Japan; 2009 "Bulb", The Artists House, Tel Aviv, Israel; 2009 "Paper Time", The Artists House, Haifa, Israel; 2009 "Flowerpot", The Ecological Interdisciplinary Arts Gallery, Holon, Israel; 2006 "Mabatim Layam"-Masks Project, Bat Yam, Israel; 2006 "Heal Me Now", The Artists House, Tel Aviv, Israel; 2006 "Zippart II", Hankin Gallery, Holon, Israel; 2005 "Zippart", Simgallery, Magadim, Israel; 2004 "Requiem for Invisible Borders", Meirov Arts Center, Holon, Israel; 2002    “Spices and Aromas”, Meirov Arts Center, Holon Israel; 1997 “Apertures and Light in Jerusalem”, The Artists House, Jerusalem, Israel; 1990 The Israeli Jewelry Show, Binianei-Ha’uma, Jerusalem, Israel; 1989 “25 Years to Omanit”, Openheimer Diamond Museum, Ramat-Gan, Israel

Awards and Honors:
2013 JEWELBOOK Int. annual of contemporary jewel art, stichtingkunstboek; 2007 Alix De Rothchild competition – " Reflections " – First prize
Dania has a jewelry design and mixed media studio in Tel-Aviv, Israel