BFA, Bezalel Academy of Art, Israel; DMD, Medical Institute, Dental School, Leningrad, USSR

Selected Exhibitions:
2014 Bodytalk, Juried Exhibition of Glasmuseet, Ebeltoft, Denemark; 2013 Creative Glass Center Alumni Biennial, Juried Exhibition of WheatonArts ,Milville, NJ, USA; 2013 Hot Glass! New Work from the Furnace, Juried Exhibition of CGS, London, UK; 2013 Four Cups Of Wine For Freedom, Juried Exhibition of Museum of ImaJewnation, St.Louis, MO, USA; 2013 New Glass: Ancient Skill, Contemporary Artform, Juried Exhibition of CGS, Blackwell,UK; 2012 Two person Invitational Show, “Arosita” gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria; 2012 International Glass Festival, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic; 2012 Glass Games: a desire, a dream, a vision”, CGS Juried Exhibition, London, UK; 2012 Sleepless Nights of Golden Fish”, Personal Exhibition, Periscope Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel; 2011 ¨ SOFA Chicago, with Litvak Gallery; 2011 4th International Glass Festival, Luxembourg; 2011 "Israel Glass", group exhibition, Eretz Israel museum, Tel Aviv, Israel; 2011 Glass Weekend, Wheaton Arts, NJ; with Litvak Gallery; 2011 Mediterranean Design Awards, Disseny Hub Barcelona, Spain; 2010 SOFA Palm Beach, with Litvak Gallery; 2010 Gallery at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA, USA; 2010 Hunter Museum of Art in Chattanooga, TN, USA; 2009 Group Show, Invitational, Litvak Gallery, Tel Aviv; 2009 International Glass Prize de Strasbourg, European Studio Glass Association (ESGA), Strasbourg, France, Juried Exhibition; 2009 Group Show, Energy Gallery in Toronto, Canada, Juried Exhibition; 2009 “The Lingerie – Glass Fashion Show”, Corning Museum of Glass, NY, USA, Invitational; 2009 UAMO Festival, Group Show, Munich, Germany, Juried Exhibition; 2009 “09 Oh Cow!”, Crossing Art, Flushing, NY, USA, Juried Exhibition; 2008 “Falling Love”, Solo Exhibition, Yaniv Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel; 2008 “Goyim”, Hedva Shemesh Gallery, Group Show, Jerusalem, Israel; 2008 Homo Bellicus Vernissage, Berlin, Germany; 2008 “Transformation 6: Contemporary Works in Glass”, Group Show, Philadelphia Art Alliance, USA; 2007 Elizabeth R. Raphael Founder's Prize; Society for Contemporary Craft (SCC), Pittsburg, PA, USA; 2007 “Transformation 6: Contemporary Works in Glass” Exhibition; Juried Exhibition; 2007 Group Show “Fragile Reality”, Museum of Eretz Israel, Tel Aviv, Israel; 2007 “Curator’s Choice”, Museum of American Glass at WheatonArts, NJ; 2007 Israel Museum of Art, Jerusalem; Group Show “Water”, Jerusalem, Israel; 2006 “Wearing Glass”, National Glass Centre, Sunderland, UK; Juried Exhibition; 2006 Redux Contemporary Art Center, Charleston, SC; Juried Exhibition; 2006 SOFA 2006 NY, ‘Bezalel Group’ by Marvin Lipofsky, Gaffer Gallery of Fine Craft, Wheaton Village, NJ; Personal Invitation; 2006 “Handcrafted”, The Arts Centre, Rocky Mount City, NC; Juried Exhibition; 2005 “12x12”, Middle Tennessee State University Art Gallery, Juried Exhibition; 2004  “Thinking in Glass”; Concord Art Association, MA; Juried Exhibition; 2004 Solo Exhibition, Yaniv Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

Awards and Honors:
2013 1st Place, Four Cups Of Wine For Freedom, Museum of ImaJewnation, St.Louis, MO, USA; 2012 Award of Recognition, Minister of Education of Bulgaria; 2011 3rd place, Mediterranean Design Awards, Disseny Hub Barcelona, Spain; 2006 The CGCA Fellowship Program, The Creative Glass Center of America, Wheaton Village, NJ, USA; 2004 The Corning Museum of Glass, “New Glass Review (Neues Glass) No. 25” 2nd Juror’s Prize, “Thinking in Glass”, Juror: Beth Lipman, Concord Art Association, MA, USA; 2002/2005 Full scholarships to Pilchuck Glass School summer course, (Pilchuck, WA, USA) bestowed by Bezalel
Academy of Art and Design
Pubic Collections: Museum of American Glass at WheatonArts, Wheaton Village, NJ, USA; Liberty Museum of America, Philadelphia, USA; Museum of ImaJewnation, St.Louis, MO, USA