Born: in Uzbekistan

1971 MA, Department of Metal Sculpture and Design, from the University of Applies Arts, Vienna, Austria.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2011 En-Hod Gallery: "Pixel"; 2010 Artists Studies, Dusseldorf, Germany: "Everything is in place but nothing is in order"; 2009 Greenvurcel Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel; 1996 Kunch Galerie, Luxemburg; 1994 "Beit Habad", Ein-Hod, Israel; 1984 Alef Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel; 1981-80 Galerie Brodil, Sazburg, Austria; 1979 B.F.G. Galerie Dusseldorf, Essen and Aachen, Germany; 1978   Galerie Edtion E. Hilger, Vienna, Austria; 1977 Galerie Basilisk,  Vienna, Austria; 1976 Galerie 29, Vienna, Austria; 1975 Sven Gallery, Paris, France.

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2012  "BIJOUX" Norton Museum of Art, USA - AIDA; 2011 Design Museum Holon "Bleu & White Expo"; 2011   Design Museum Holon, "Designed in Israel 4"; 2010 Hangar 21 Tel Aviv, "Designed in Israel 3"; 2010  Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv, " Sequences, identities", Temporary Israeli Jewelry 5; 2010 Diamonds Museum, Ramat Gan "On the point of a diamond"; 2009 "AIDA’s Gems- Israel’s Jewelers", AIDA, SOFA CHICAGO; 2009 Periscope Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel; 2008 "AIR", Hacheder Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel; 2007 "Heaven and Earth", Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel; 2004 Israeli jewelry Biennale, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel; 1997 "A Cornucopia of Design" Los Angeles, USA; 1995-2000 The International Designer Hall, Basel Jewelry Fair, Switzerland;1993 "Stone, Touch, Jewelry", Diamonds Museum, Ramat Gan, Israel; 1992 The World Gold Council Pavilion, Basel Fair, Switzerland; 1991 "Trends of the 90's", The World Gold Council Pavilion, Basel Fair, Switzerland; 1987 "Designs 87", Tel-Aviv, Israel; 1986 "Schmuck 86", Munich, Germany; 1979 Munich Bayern Arts and Crafts Center, Handswerks Pflege, Bayern, Germany; 1979 Kelten Museum, Hallein, Austria; 1978 Benvenuto Cellini, Hannover, Germany; 1971 Museum fuer Angewandte Kunst, Vienna, Austria.

Awards and Honors:
1997 First Prize in the Diamond Jewelry Design Competition, Israeli Export Institute, Israel; 1991-1992 Chosen as a leading gold designer by the World Gold Council.
Participant in AIDA's Special Exhibit at SOFA Chicago 2009

Born in Samarqand, Uzbekistan, Batia received her degree from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna where she specialized in metal sculpture. Her designs, in 18k and 24k gold, echo ancient Middle Eastern forms. Inspired by the Israeli desert landscapes, Batia often creates soft shapes with rough textures. Her jewelry has been exhibited throughout Europe and Israel. She is currently a senior lecturer at the Shenkar College of Engineering in Ramat-Gan, Israel.