Avital Coorsh

2003 MA Art Therapy, Lesley University, MA, USA; 1982 Art, Photography & Animation, foundation course at the Art College, Ramat Hasharon, Israel; 1980 BFA Fashion Design, Shenkar College, Ramat Gan, Israel; 1976 BA  Art History, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2009 "A Shared Perspective", Rosenbaum Gallery and AIDA, Boca Raton, and The Barn Gallery, Lenox, USA; 2008 Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, AIDA, Philadelphia, USA.


Participant at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show 2008

Personal Statement:
"The jewels are body of sculptures that emanate from the materials I am using. They achieve completion through their connection with the body of the person whom they adorn.

I endeavour to produce a richness of effects while using simple and spare designs. I am looking to capture the sensuality of the material, the mystery of that elusive flicker of shadow and light, and the game that is played by the intrigued viewer and the confident wearer.

In some of the designs I am offering to the wearer the possibility of expanding on the design and wear the jewels in different ways. The wearer may then continue the sculpting process according to his or her own imagination and inclination.

I am inspired by a feeling of unity with my surroundings and by my very strong interaction with nature and humanity. I have deep respect for tradition and I share sheer joy in the trials of everyday life”