Born: 1961, Jerusalem, Israel

2001 Studied traditional felt hand making with Jenny Mackay, member of the International Felt making Association, Scotland; 2001 Studied felt hand making with Polly Stirling, a professional textile designer and a member of The North American Fiber Association, New York, USA; 1988 Intensive studies under Mr. Kupievker, Master Jeweler, who acquired  his unique skills mainly in China. As well as understudied and practiced Granulation with Qulicke-Jewelry Art Institute ,NY, USA; 1985 BA from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel; 1984 completed ancient techniques studies at The Middlesex Polytechnic Academy in London, U.K.

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2009 "AIDA’s Gems- Israel’s Jewelers", AIDA, SOFA CHICAGO; 2009 International Designer Showcase, Paris, France; 2009 SABBIA gallery, Jewelry collection, Chicago & Florida, USA; 2009 "A Shared Perspective", Rosenbaum Gallery and AIDA, Boca Raton, and The Barn Gallery, Lenox, USA; 2008 Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, AIDA, Philadelphia, USA; 2008 Snyderman Works gallery, Felt bags, Philadelphia, USA; 2006 Seam Gallery Fiber Arts and Crafts, Megadim, Israel; 2006 Periscope Design Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel; 2007 "Yoffi", Flow gallery, London, UK.;2006, Aaron Faber Gallery, New York, USA; 2006 "Progressions", AIDA, SOFA CHICAGO, Chicago, USA; 2006 Periscope Design Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel;2006 Seam Gallery, Megadim, Israel; 2005 "beaten Gold, Israeli Jewelry, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel;2002 "Symbols", Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel; 1999 Yaw Gallery, Chicago, USA; 2005 SOFA CHICAGO, Yaw Gallery, Chicago, USA   1995 Israel Expo, New York, USA;1993 Israel Expo, New York, USA.

Awards and Honors:
2000 One of 72 finalists from 17 countries in the 1st international Tahitian Pearl Thropy jewelry design competition; 1999 Selected as the only Jewelry studio to appear in a Marie Claire Magazine article on Architecture and Design
Represented by the Snyderman-Works Gallery in Philadelphia, PA.

Participant in AIDA's Special Exhibit at SOFA Chicago 2009

Participant at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show 2008